Vanity Fair’s “Fair-Skinned” Lupita Nyong’o



I’m not going to go into a big, long diatribe here. But, I saw this picture of the STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS Lupita Nyong’o on IG the other day and immediately thought, “What the heck is that about?!?!? Why does she look so light?” The idiotic thing about it is that they featured her in a white dress, surrounded by white balloons. It seems pretty obvious that she often wears white and bright primary colors, because the contrast against her lovely dark skin is BREATHTAKING.

Any questions?

I would assume that’s why they chose the white dress and balloons for the shoot. However, by lightening her skin, they watered down her beauty and the impact of this image. Stupid Vanity Fair. Stupid. And pathetic.

You can read more about the tweet from Vanity Fair and some of the resulting backlash in the Huffington Post article HERE.



What say ye?…

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Natural Girl

This is me. No makeup. No weave. Just me and my naturally curly tresses. Next blog will be a list of my styling and conditioning products.Image

Where healthy hair begins……

Hey hey y’all,

I been a terrible blogger to you guys. I been MIA and right here at the same damn time. Lol!  I just keep saying, “I’m gonna update tonight, I’m gonna update tonight.” And I never do. But here I am, so HAPPY NEW YEAR. Peace and Blessings to you all,

NOW! Lets talk hair. My love. My passion. HAIR! 

Healthy hair does not begin with conditioning treatments, trims, gel, blah blah blah. Healthy hair begins with what you put into your body.  Your diet. Now I know for me, my diet is the worse. I don’t eat properly which in turn causes me to have to artificially maintain the integrity of my hair. I have to take supplements. I have to OD on conditioning treatments because I don’t eat properly. So I’m going to construct a quick list of hair healthy foods and supplements and I promise you that if you adopt a healthy diet, you will see a dramatic change is your hair, skin and nails.

1.) WATER, WATER, WATER – water is the number 1 healthiest thing you can put in your body. Your brain needs it, your muscles need it, your blood needs its, and most importantly your hair needs it. (Cuz we all know hair is the most important part of your body.) Lol.

2.) Salmon– Rich in protein, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Surprisingly 3% of your hair is made up of fatty acids. Most fish have these vitamins but Salmon has the most.

3.) Walnuts– Rich in Vitamin D and Biotin. I live, swear and die by Biotin. Its so amazing for healthy hair which in turn causes growth. I will list some Biotin supplements below also.

4.) Oysters– I love love love oysters but I understand they are an acquired taste and not appealing to everyone’s appetite. But they are full of zinc which helps stop thinning and hair  loss.

5.) Sweet Potatoes– Now who doesn’t love yammmmmmmms.  I know I do and they have tons of Beta Carotene in them. Once ingested beta carotene turns into Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps produce natural oils on your scalp to help keep it moisturized and non itchy.

6.) Eggs– Eggs are great source of protein, good cholesterol which hair needs and zinc.

7.) Spinach– Or any leafy green for that matter. The greener, the better. These carry all types of vitamins and nutrients. If you’re like me and HATE SPINACH, try juicing. Add a bunch of spinach and fruit with almond milk, you get the nutrients but none of the grassy taste. I love juicing my spinach,

8.) Greek Yogurt–  Protein, Vitamin B5, Vitamin D. I love greek yogurt on its own but this is a great addition to your juicing or smoothie if you don’t like the taste.

9.) Hair supplements– I take vitamins because remember I told you my diet is atrocious. Hairfinity vitamins are amazing. They provide all of the vitamins listed in the food above in a little pill. They can be ordered on But they can also be kinda pricey. So I found an inexpensive alternative at Walmart for $4.95 with comparable ingredients. Its called One Source Hair, Skin and Nails Multivitamin (pics below). Take 2 a day and you get everything your hair needs that you may be missing from your diet.

10.) WATER WATER WATER – Oh, I said this already??? Well its worth repeating. Water is the oil your body needs to function like a Jaguar and not a ’88 Honda Civic. Give your body what it wants.

Inside/out health is what its all about. I’m going to start a healthy challenge. Everything in moderation and make sure I add the healthy foods needed to have my mane shining like a diamond on a daily basis. Who’s with me? Based on the foods above, sounds like my first dinner is gonna be a spinach salad with grilled salmon, maybe I’ll add walnuts, boiled eggs and sweet potatoes. My hair should be down my back by morning for sure. Lol! Post your progress, ask questions, let’s do it together!!!! -MSH