Black Girl Lost……..

Somebody told me today “Be thankful that you’re blessed with good hair.” Yup, she said that. As a matter of fact, somebody ALWAYS SAYS IT. The beauty and intrigue of the African American culture is that were so different, versatile, diverse. Yes, diverse. Is my hair “good” because it’s thin and curly? So that means I’m too assume my moms hair is “bad” because it’s thick and hard to manage? My mom gets perms, I don’t but I’m not “natural” enough for the natural community because I’m not nappy. I’m fair skinned, hazel eyes, so to the world I can’t POSSIBLY be black. *slaps forehead*. As black people, we can be some of our toughest critics. We judge each other, classify each other by hair texture, skin complexion, nose size, hip and butt size, and I think it’s insane!!!!! I am proud to be a diverse black woman because I look like I can be a little bit of everything. But it doesn’t make me any less black. Can we as a people be more tolerant of each other? Love each other? Support each other? Stop hating your own brothers and sisters because you think they’re something else? I have a 12 year that looks like me but has different hair than me. I have to remind her how beautiful she is because people tell her “too bad you didn’t get your moms hair.” Yup!!! The shade. The miserable ass citizens of this world. Ignorance. There’s no such thing as good hair or bad hair. So stop!!!!! And maybe that can be the first step in people no longer questioning my ethnicity. I guess well just have to wait and see, huh? Le sigh. -MSH


4 thoughts on “Black Girl Lost……..

  1. Awesome!! This is why I hug and kiss my sisters when I see them. They need more love; then maybe they’ll give it a lil more!

  2. I know this ignorance… I’ve been rudely asked “What are you mixed with? Cause I know you aren’t all Black” Even asked if I’m Dominican… Nope, I’m Black. My mother taught me at a young age that all hair is good hair. I always ask people if they were bald, would they care what texture their hair is now?
    The look their face always cracks me up LOL

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