Moisturizing your hair (weave and natural hair)

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MOISTURIZE!!!!!! That is the answer to 9 out of 10 hair problems. I always get asked, “How can I keep my hair from being frizzy?” Or “Why are the ends of my hair breaking off so much?” “Why is my hair shedding like a big dog?” And my answer is always, ITS DRY!!!!! And then here come the “nails on a chalkboard” reply…….”But I grease my hair everyday, I don’t understand!!” *slaps forehead*. OIL DOES NOT MOISTURIZE HAIR!!!!! Water moisturizes. Oil then seals in the moisture. Proclaim line has an Argan Oil hydrating mask which is just a deep conditioner. This will provide essential vitamins and moisture that your hair needs. You wash your hair as normal and apply the hydrating mask. You have to let it sit for at least an hour with a shower cap on. If you have a hooded dryer, even better. 15 minutes with a dryer should be good. YOU CANT OVER CONDITION so don’t worry bout all that!!!! Once you’ve sat and you feel confident that your hair has soaked up all the goodies it needs, rinse with COOL WATER. That part is key. Warm water opens the hair follicles to receive the moisture and cool water slams em shut locking it in. Lightly towel dry and grab the big guns aka the sealant. Seal your hair follicles with a light oil creates a Fort Knox type of hair environment. The weightless oil I use is by Organix and it’s called Argan Oil and Shea Butter(pictured here). Oil in the palm of your hand and lightly finger thru your hair focusing on the tips of your hair. This process can be used on natural hair and weaves and is essential to both. I hate oil sheen. I really do. I promise, once you adopt this regimen (at least once a week) you’ll never need that mess in a can. Try it!!!!! Get back at me. Tell me what happened cuz I wanna hear about it!!!! Peace y’all  -MSH



5 thoughts on “Moisturizing your hair (weave and natural hair)

  1. Get a hair steamer and use it after you prepoo your hair. You can use the steamer while conditioner remains in your hair. The steamer is an amazing invention. Especially for our naturally dry hair. You have awesome content on your blog. Keep it coming.

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