The price of beauty…Is it worth it?

Ladies is it worth it??? All the shit we go through just to be pretty? We wax this, pluck that, shave here,  poke there….I just sat in a hair salon yesterday for 4 hours to get my hair done. Like wtf!!!!! Not a one time thing. We do this every day, week, month….But why? Do we not think were pretty? Does society tell us were not pretty enough? PERSONALLY, I think I’m fabulous but I can’t step out the house unless my hair is done. Vain much?! I don’t think it’s my fault tho. Society, social media, MY MAMA, has all brainwashed me into thinking regular isn’t good enough. God forbid I step out without my lip gloss poppin I’m liable to have a damn meme on Instagram made about me and laughed at for weeks. The pressure is women have on is to be near perfect is insane and actually not fair. I gotta check all social media before I put a outfit together or else ima b called a hoe. And if I respond back, YA MAMA A HOE, I’m wrong? Can’t wear my uggs, my comfy leggings, my VS sweats, nothing. And WEAVE?????? Fuggetaboutit!!! I’m called everything under the sun cuz of weave. So I, like many women, keep up with society’s standards of what’s ok. And that’s bullshit!!!!!!  But how do I reprogram myself? How do women get from up under the microscope of society? *shrugs*. Be pretty ladies, be fabulous girls. But also, FUCK THE WORLD!!!! Best advice I can give. *whispers* but keep that hair done tho lol. -MSH


2 thoughts on “The price of beauty…Is it worth it?

    • I absolutely swear by the Hairfinity vitamins. We don’t get enough nutrients daily to supplement what our hair and skin need. These vitamins fill in those gaps. Your hair will be the healthiest its ever been.

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