My HAIR!!!! Who doesn’t love their own hair….

So lets start with a little background on MY hair. Honestly I hate my hair lol. Its very thin and stringy and doesn’t hold curls well. I do not get relaxers but I am a black woman. I get that question all the time!!!! I’m usually a ponytail or doobie kind of girl with my natural hair. But for the most part I do wear weaves. It’s a great protective style, easy to manage and give me the fullness and life that I don’t get with my natural hair.

So currently I am wearing 16/18/20(inches) of Brazilian Body Wave hair from Brazilian is a little thick for my hair and I usually wear Malaysian but nothing holds a curl like Brazilian hair. Later on, I’m going to do a really good blog of the origin of REAL virgin hair. You will be surprised to know there aren’t many REAL origins. But I digress…….As a base on my hair before I get an install(sewn in weave), I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It’s great to keep your edges from breaking off. I also use Simplicity Oil which helps keep the hair under my weave. Its food for your hair. It adds moisture and shine. Before my install, I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS co-wash my hair. Co Wash means to wash your hair with conditioner. All hair needs MOISTURE or it won’t survive. So I use Proclaim Hydrating Mask and Silicon Mix. I condition the hair with cool water and place in the microwave for 2 minutes with the conditioner in it. YES, the microwave. It simulates a deep condition and forces moisture into the strands. Once the microwave is complete, I rinse one more time in cool water. In order to lock the moisture into the hair, you need to seal with a light oil. Here is where I use the Simplicity Oil again. Let your hair air dry. You want to stay away from heat as much as possible if you can. This process adds moisture and repairs any split ends if your hair has any. Next, you’re going to want to purchase a weft sealant. has one or you can go to your local arts and crafts store and purchase FRAY CHECK. This is used to help stop any shedding. You run this product along the front and the back of the actual track to prevent excess shedding of the hair. Now you’re ready for a professional install……….. -MSH


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